10 Stunning WordPress Themes for a Cheesy Personal Blog

Blogging has already taken all the reins in various ways of self-expression. The main reason that makes blogging extremely popular is actionable and speedy attraction of the masses. Yes, we all are huge fans of social media that makes our day.

There are versatile types of blogs that can be used in different spheres of activity. If you’re the company owner who dreams about a quality promotion, corporate blogging will be your goal. For those, who created a new cool app for the youth, a collective blog will be a good match for capturing as many potential customers as possible. But what to do if you prefer independent methods of earning money and business development?

Personal blogging comes like a superman to help you treat your headache without driving you nuts. Why it is worth to start a blog?

  • Who’s the boss here?. Personal blogging allows you to choose your own style. No orders from the head office, no deadline, no frustration to be misunderstood, and no fear to tell the world what you think.
  • We’re all human. Creating a personal blog provides you with an incredible chance to promote your services, products, and business in common. Moreover, people believe in everything personal. You will get the audience that will be curious about your point of view.
  • Intrigue. Keeping your blog personal allows you to play with the topics palette anytime you need! Going on vacation? Do not hesitate to share your impressions with your readers. Failed somewhere? Let your readers empathize and support you. The more emotions you create the more readers you’ll get.
  • Easy to promote. It’s pretty much easier and cheaper to promote your own blog. Corporations usually spend thousands of dollars to keep the audience engaged. But all you need to do is just to be yourself!
  • Safe & Secure. Personal blogging saves you from the web pirates’ attacks. Who will waste time on reselling the blog with timcollins.com name?

As you see, running a personal blog really matters if you care about your personal development and career success. The most important thing is to choose the right engine that will highlight all the pros of your blog.

I would recommend you to power your blog with WordPress. This CMS is considered to be the most popular because no professional skills are required for creating your project. For those who would like to enhance their blog with versatile plugins, I recommend visiting the WordPress plugins directory that will provide you with a wide range of in-style and useful ads to your site.

But what about the design? Modern marketplace suggests us a big number of ready-made templates that, unlike custom ones, will boost the site’s building process. You do not need any extra money to improve your site’s design. An easy and fast installation allow you to fulfill all your goals in customizing your blog. You won’t be in trouble if your readers will use their tablets or smartphones to reach your blog because of a fully responsive design.

The one more important point in choosing a theme for your blog is the support. Buy & Install is not enough, you might need some additional help, so you need an effective support that will help you keep calm. For example, TemplateMonsterTemplateMonster has a 24/7 customer support service that helps their clients get all the details about desired themes by phone or online.

We care about your choice, so, we decided to show you the best WordPress themes that will brighten up your blog. All features described above are included! If you want to see more, we’re very pleased to provide you with other cool blog WordPress Themes.

Monstroid2 – All-in-one WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Consulting WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Fashion Blog WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Photographer CV WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme

Simona S WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Online Writer WordPress Theme

Editorso – Journalist Blog WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Online Portfolio WordPress Theme

Personal Page WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Online Resume WordPress Theme


Online CV WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Remi – Best WordPress Theme for Photographer

Hope this article will help you find the perfect theme for your future blog. Moreover, now the freelancers and web studios have an opportunity to confirm their knowledge and to get official certificate with TemplateMonster Certification Center