Add songs directly from Shazam

The Shazam app is great for identifying that great song that sounds on the radio. But it’s even better if you connect your Spotify account with Shazam. Try to buy shazam followers so your shazam account will be more famous, a lot of followers. Or you have Soundcloud to, you can buy real soundcloud followers in here. Once synced and the app has recognized the song you are interested in, press the small arrow next to the play button. You will see a menu with Spotify available as an option. Once it starts playing in Spotify you can add it to your library with just a couple of ringtones.

Drag songs to share easily

Spotify lets you share songs from URLs and HTML but you can also share tracks by simply dragging the song in question from the desktop application. Click and drag the song to any text field (an email, a message) and Spotify will automatically create a text with the title of the song, artist and album. Useful for Facebook, for example.

Use private sessions to hide your activity

Spotify’s approach to the community is great for sharing music, but sometimes you feel like listening to those guilty pleasures without your friends finding out about Spotify and Facebook. We’ve already talked about how to completely hide your lists and your service activity, but what if you only need a temporary smoke bomb? Private sessions come to your rescue.

Go to the File menu, from there to “Private session” in the menu that appears. Now you can listen to anything you want without anyone knowing, either until you restart the client or until you manually disable it. If you want to hide all your Facebook activity, open the desktop application, go to Edit, from there to Preferences. In the Social section, change all the settings you see and disconnect your Facebook profile.


If you use the Spotify application on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you do not need to open the list as such to see what songs it contains. Press the list and you will see the illustrations of the first five songs. If you keep your finger tight and slide it you can go and listen to each song manually.

You can do the same with the albums, or with the lists of Spotify. Input does not seem to save a lot of time, but when you have several lists that are called “Playlist”, “Playlist 2” and “Playlist 3” (as it happens to me), it can be helpful.

Use keyboard shortcuts

You may not know it, but Spotify can be controlled completely with the keyboard. For example, you can play the previous song. These are the most useful.

Retrieves a deleted list

If you cannot find one of your playlists, have accidentally erased it or just want to get it back from the dead in a nostalgic attack, you’ll like to know that Spotify keeps track of those lists for a while.

To recover the list go to the section of your account from a browser and locate the option “Recover Playlists” on the left side. Once there, find the list you want to retrieve and hit “Restore”. It will appear in your list section as if by magic.

Locate censored or explicit versions of certain albums

Listening to the full version of an album without the radio’s own cuts can be tricky. The reason is that Spotify prioritizes the most popular search option. There is an option to do so. The next time you land on a specific album page and you’re looking for its alternate version, scroll down until the “1 more news” button appears. When you press it, you will see the alternative album, whether politically correct or incorrect.

Listen to your Spotify music when you travel in Uber

Uber and Spotify reached an agreement since November 2015 so you could listen to your music in the company cars. If Uber works in your country, just open the Uber app on your mobile, open the page of your profile, and click “Connect with Spotify.” Once you have entered with your spotify key everything will be ready. On your next trip with Uber just click on the small icon next to the driver.

The only buts to this is that there are Uber drivers that have disabled the function and this is only valid with Spotify Premium. At the moment, the option is only available in London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Nashville, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Stockholm, Toronto, and Sydney.