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Interesting Smartphone DevelopmentsĀ  From Time To Time

It is undeniable that the smartphone is one of the fastest media technologies had been developed. See it in the past few years, you definitely feel smartphones have experienced a tremendous leap in whatever aspect. Especially the hardware aspects. If the analogy, the development of technology as a whole is not predictable. Now, Mobile App Business plan is grow faster than before.

Along with the unceasing development of technology, of course you as a consumer should begin to set personal standards that will be set. This can be determined based on the use of technology as needed like use if Android Kiosk on mini market nowadays.

Well, the next question is, are you ready to welcome the modern technology that is now starting to bombard? So, what exciting developments smartphone from time to time?

Curious? Check out the full review, the following as reported from various sources,

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1080 Full HD screen

The advent of smartphones with a screen size of 5 inches makes the assumption that the emergence of the mobile phone industry started to change. Quoted from Techradar, 5-inch screen is probably going to be the industry standard smartphones in 2013. The screen manufacturers were ready to produce the most important part of a mobile phone, even with Full HD 1080p resolution.

After Sharp, now a company called Japan Display Inc. (JDI), which will begin production of LCD 1080p 5-inch scale. For your information, JDI is a joint-venture of three big names that Sony, Toshiba, and Hitachi. This is a solid foundation of predicted changes in the smartphone industry.

After the successful Galaxy Note seize market share, other manufacturers are interested in participating in the competition. Call it the rumored HTC is developing a phablet (Phone Tablet) 5 inches, the LG Intuition, and do not miss the Galaxy Note 2 comes with a larger screen than the first series. Even so, smartphones-smartphone with a size of 3-4 inches will not be forgotten and remain a mainstay.

Quad-Core Processors

As reported by Time, with four core processors today have become the prima donna among smartphone users. Nvidia Tegra quad-core processor is one of the many who have enough strength unreliable. But unfortunately, this processor is quite rare in smart phones in the United States. Because the Nvidia Tegra does not support 4G LTE network.

Knowing these shortcomings, is now integrated with the Nvidia Icera, a cellular provider that can support 4G LTE network and has been validated by AT & T. Start viewing these developments, predicted in the coming years there will be an explosion in the use of software, mainly for mobile phones based on Android.

Connecting Phone and TV

When the phone has managed to shift habits and culture, it is no wonder if in the end we will rely heavily on a cell phone. If generally, we often keep a variety of pictures, music, and videos on the phone, now you can even make the smartphone as a TV remote.

Apple is the first time such a measure. Through its products, Apple AirPlay and Apple TV, now we can watch or view pictures stored in the phone. Seeing the success of Apple, now began many technology companies that followed, such as Sony and Samsung.