Common Mistakes People Make When It Comes To SEO

It doesn’t matter if you are a freelancer, seasoned SEO, or an expert who runs his own business, because if you have noticed changes in your organic traffic, the idea is to find a cause. The organic search comes with challenging and unique set of regulations that could end up in decline in conversions and traffic.

You can check some online tools for better analytics so that you can find a way to analyze the successfulness of your campaign. However, other factors are also important when it comes to SEO.

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Some general and universal issues could be a problem while you can implement advanced matters to that will be out of your control. Therefore, we will present your list of things that you should diagnose to see whether it affects fluctuations in organic traffic and search engine rankings.

Basic Issues

  1. You Don’t Have Index On Your Pages

The first thing that you should do to check whether this is a problem that you’re facing is to search on Google your site. That way, you will make sure that your pages get indexed. If you’ve noticed that critical pages won’t appear in search results, you have entered a culprit.

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The best way to fix it is by checking your robots.txt file to see whether you’ve blocked some directories or pages. If everything looks as always, you should check for noindex tag at individual pages.

  1. Bot Filters

If you accidentally excluded best-known spiders and bots in Google Analytics, that could be a problem for your rankings. If you do not have this particular problem, you may be having inflated traffic metrics.

Generally speaking, bots will enter your home page and go through the site’s navigation. They can mimic real user behavior, so if you find a sign of bot traffic with a high bounce rate, you will get down in rankings. At the same time, check the time people are staying on your website too.

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It is best to create custom dimensions that filter out bots from organic prospects. By adding generic bot filter, you will be able to note the number of bots hanging on your site so that you can check why you’re receiving less traffic than before.

Apart from that, you should double-check that you’ve filtered your IP address and traffic too.

  1. Site Updates

If you have recently modified and updated your website or going through overhaul such as reordering navigation and removing pages, then you will have to expect a decline in traffic. Have in mind that after reworking your site’s content, Google must find another crawler to check and re-index your pages.

It is a common problem that people who decide to reorganize website get unstable ranking for a few weeks afterward. At the same time, if you change URL structure or remove any page from your site, it is essential to find and implement a useful strategy that will preserve your link building quality so that you can reduce the decline of traffic.

Advanced Issues

  1. Structured Data Markup

If you have implemented structured data markup as a one-time project, and later you forgot it, then you can quickly land in hot water. The idea is that you have to monitor the appearance of rich snippets on a regular basis because that way you will be able to ensure that data markup pulls relevant and correct information.

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As soon as you change content on your website, this will alter markup too. Besides, everything depends on your merchandising setup, services, products and other things that could reduce the customer’s satisfaction. If you have a retailer website, you should check whether it says that some products are out of stock, which will drive potential customers away from your site.

  1. Sale Hangover Effect And Promotional Cadence

If you had a significant promotion last year such as flash sale, and you wanted to do the same thing again. When you compare a previous year with the present, you can notice a decline in the purchase. The main reason for that is because your past promotions were equally enticing.

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The question is whether your brand has launched limited-time products or utterly new line? These factors are challenging to measure, but when it comes to PR efforts, you will be able to get a decline in organic visitors.

According to some evidence, Sale Hangover Effect is not just a term. It creates havoc in mind of buyers.