How to be a good web designer

Web design is an activity that aims to design applications and display them on a web basis using the programming language. People who carry out these activities are known as web designers. Some of ecommerce company use professional web designers to grow their business.

If you want to start in the world of Website Ecommerce web design, there are some important abilities that you must master.

First, you need knowledge about how the code on an HTML page works. Then, you must be able to apply CSS to create the visual effect that you want, whether it’s a particular layout, typography, or color and background.

The role of a web designer is to integrate all components and all the resources used to create a website design such as creating dynamic and user friendly web page application page views, regulating how visitors interact with all the elements on the website, and so on.

If a web designer is reliable and experienced, he will be familiar with a variety of web displays, from the client-side scripting or client side.

Web design service is web design services that can be chosen for those who want their own websites to have interesting content and professional appearance. Web design itself is all things related to the development of the style and appearance of the website and the content in it to be as attractive as possible.

Web design is indeed very important especially nowadays websites have become media that are widely used by companies, government agencies, or community institutions.

All website owners such as companies, government agencies, or community institutions would want the web owned to look attractive and professional. An attractive and professional website and contains informative content will be visited by more internet users.

Therefore, the website needs to be as attractive and informative as possible so that the website is also known by the community. A website that is well known by the public and visited a lot will certainly provide benefits to the owner.

When you want to be a website designer that is recognized by customers, it never hurts to focus on the services they have.

For example, you focus on services to create a website company or create a business website (ecommerce, online stores, etc.). with the focus of the services provided, you can hone your skills with more focus.

Being a web designer, you must be an open minded person. You must be able to accept input from people who are more skilled so that your ability in the field of design increases.

By paying attention to the things above, you can improve your abilities and expertise as a website designer.

Well, the next thing that must be owned by web designer service providers is the clarity in the provision of system support both online and offline and the availability of handbooks as a guide for clients to manage the website.

The fun and scarry moment is

  1. When it comes to struggling with long-term projects

Sometimes the work that is almost finished must return to the initial stage again, after all, this condition is certainly very annoying.

  1. When you decide to release a product without testing first

That’s how it happened, when I decided to release a product without testing first. Fell down!

  1. When successfully clearing bugs a few minutes before being released

Bugs that were repaired at the last minute felt like saving lives.

  1. When it’s time to release what was made

Just be sure, and launch, the results and what will happen leave it to the above. Good luck and success.

  1. When assuming a bug is a new feature

Hm … indeed, sometimes people like that, even though bugs are considered like new features -_-

  1. When procrastinating work until the last minute

The time is spent relaxing, until the time comes, it turns out that no one has finished,

  1. When the client suddenly sends an email

Indeed, that’s how sometimes your project manager is, sometimes the email can indeed be surprising: D

  1. When the client sends another revision package.

Complained … revised again, tired …

  1. When you are in one important condition, but the computer has a problem

Ahh … really, really, nothing can be copied … the project of tens of millions can disappear -_-

  1. When the client requests that the font of your choice be replaced, especially if the font is not good

Sometimes the client’s request is strange, the good ones have been chosen instead, they are asked to be replaced with the bad ones. What can I say, the client is king: D

  1. When the project leader asks about status updates

Duh, the maasss have not finished … please wait, I’ll finish it first.

  1. When you show the results of the revisions that have been made to the project leader

Feeling has done very well, but still considered wrong. Really cool!

  1. When you see a design that is really terrible

Until then: D

  1. When finally getting paid after going through a very long and tiring project

Um … How good is it ……

  1. When you and the team celebrate the end of a project

Finally it can be free from those pressures … yipppeee …


The conclusion is from my long story, we as recipients of website services must understand and understand the types of prospective clients, because not all who contact us and want to create a website with our services, they already understand the website correctly.

  • Sometimes even some people don’t understand it at all
  • Just because they see their shop neighbors have a web and many buyers from afar.
  • Because they know from the web, they are finally interested and want to create a web.
  • Now we as service providers, don’t make the person more confused by giving the term – the term that is not at all familiar to his ears.

Invite him to meet and ask his purpose well, explain the benefits and intentions of what he does not understand, and if the DEAL after the web is finished do not leave him alone, give a step-by-step guide, and continued support, hopefully our clients will increase.