How To Master The Art Of Article Writing

Even though people think it’s a matter of talent, article writing is nothing more than a job like any other. If you need to learn about programming, you also need to learn about writing. Good programmers spent a lot of time on the computer and know all the tricks, while good writers spent a lot of time reading books.

Even if you didn’t read all the books in the world, this doesn’t stop you from writing a good article. If you have expertise in some field, it’s enough to know how to write a good article. In addition, learn more about how it’s done. If you want some extra tools to help you in the process, check this site.

The title

The title must be catchy. Keep it short, yet precise. If you’re talking about tomatoes, tell them the article is about tomatoes. Avoid being too complex, for example – The agricultural aspects of growing Solanum Lycopersicum. You’re not writing a university thesis but an article for the common people. The title should be How to grow tomatoes. That’s it.

Complicated titles won’t make people click on your article. You might be the most intelligent and the highest authority about tomatoes, but no one will read what you have to say.

The opening

The beginning of the article is the most important. Readers attention is short, and you must convince them to read along. If the beginning is boring, no one will continue with the rest no matter how important the subject is.

Remember that people came to your blog for the title and you can’t spend the first paragraph talking about stuff that’s not important for the subject. Get right into it, but also use words that will capture the reader’s interest.

Tell them what they’re about to read

As we already said, the beginning is the most important. Right after that, you must explain in one paragraph what are you going to talk about. You can’t say now we’re going to talk about tomatoes and spend the whole article about what’s the perfect color. If you say growing tomatoes, people expect the whole process. Don’t disappoint them.

This is important because readers click that X button too fast. Actually, the average attention span of the American reader is less than 8 seconds. It means you have only 8 seconds to make them “Hmm, this seems interesting”.

Don’t do fluff

Say what you have to say. There’s nothing more annoying in an article when the author keeps repeating themselves. If you think you need your post to be around 1000 words, but the topic is well explained with 500, then don’t just fill in the empty space with empty words. Keep it simple. Your audience will appreciate that.


Readers love the author make a clear conclusion. To put it in internet slang, make a TL;DR version at the end. If you were talking about the already mentioned tomatoes, make a conclusion where you’ll explain the most important things. Don’t forget to do this, take care of that, etc.

Some people don’t even read the middle part of the article. They see the introduction and go directly to the conclusion part if there is one. That’s why it’s important to have a good conclusion. Only 1% of all people that will click your article will spend more than 2 minutes on it. This means only 1% will read the whole thing. Devastating facts, huh? Learn more about the technical stuff by visiting websites like the qualityguestposts site.

Bonus: Visual look

Yes, this is also important if you want to have a blog post that will look good. Writing is one thing, but even words can be Beyonce or Lady Gaga in the meat dress.

First, make sure you have more paragraphs. People’s brain is getting nervous when they see a huge text without space between it. Also, add some pictures. The reader likes to have a feeling of comfort, and pictures say, “don’t worry, this is not a lecture for school”.


See what we did here? We talked about almost everything, but we still have a conclusion part. And the conclusion is that even if you suck at writing, following the basic rules will get you a fine-looking article. Also, even if you’re a great writer, ignoring the rules will produce just a bunch of words that no one reads. Follow the rules and you’ll have a great article.