Tips for Maintaining Air Motors

All mechanical products need care and maintenance. As such, air motors are no different. Though less commonly-known than other types of engines, air motor knowledge is just as important. 

Find the Correct Parts 

Depending on the use of your air motor over its lifetime, the time comes when you need to replace some parts or rebuild it. You can find the appropriate parts by simply searching online for a kit. For example, if you have a Gast motor, search in your preferred browser for gast air motor rebuild kit and you can find all the necessary parts and information. Your machine should work for years with proper use and care – so be sure you know when it needs some attention.

Store It Properly 

Storage is another lifeline for keeping your air motor working at peak performance for the longest amount of time. Improperly stored machines could suffer damage such as rust, so it’s crucial to keep yours tucked away safely. To fend off corrosion, be sure to check oil levels and top off as needed. You want to have a clean, dry, preferably dust-free space to store your air motor so it doesn’t collect gunk. 

Find Service When Needed 

If you don’t want to attempt to fix or rebuild the air motor yourself, find a professional. Many qualified businesses and individuals can perform this work, so you can rest well knowing that your machine is being treated properly. Professional inspections and service can help prolong the life of your air motor, so check and respect its service schedule. 

Air motors are a great tool for a variety of needs, and just like any other machine, they need some care to stay in the best shape. You can avoid major setbacks and expensive issues with some simple maintenance practices. Keep the surprise problems at bay with these tips for air motor care.