What is important for quality SEO?

Currently, SEO is as complexed as it ever was because of improvement that happened these years. Most of the optimization is made regarding Google, so primary focus of quality SEO is associated with Google updates. Many people didn’t know that in the beginning websites were ranked by the alphabet, nowadays there are more than 100 factors you can use for search engine optimization.

Because of such complexness, people are now being taught to do SEO. There are many programs and techniques that can help you rank your website. A lot of companies and agencies are competing to be the best Boston SEO firm, but you can notice yourself who is better just by searching on Google.


Mobile friendly website

The main thing that search engines worked hard on is associated with mobile-friendly sites. You have to be absolutely mobile ready if you want to compete in your market. Responsive design and a super-fast site is a must nowadays. Anything you have on your desktop website needs to be on your mobile site also. Your page speed needs to be fast and you need to think about the user experience with your website on phones.

This is going to be very important thing in 2018 and in the future. Now, you can do everything on your phone as on your computer, so having everything users need on your mobile site is very important.


User experience

What Google is working on is to somehow use AI to figure out how users are feeling about your website and rank it after this data. They consider how longusers are on your website, what kind of content is there, and many more details are considered. With RankBrain and just a general Google algorithm, they are looking at how people come across your website and experience they have while visiting. Make sure you have heatmaps installed, also, make sure you have content analytics.

Get more information here: https://moz.com/learn/seo/google-rankbrain

Large amount of quality content

So the third thing you need to have on your website is a large amount of quality content, a ton of content that users want to interact with. If you can do this, you are going to be in really good shape. Always use as many details as you can in your articles, or if you are selling something don’t just put the pieces in place, think of a creative way to write about your market or something related to it.

People like to know more about what they are getting, so if you give them all the details they need, they will visit it more often and they won’t need any other source of information. Also, you need to make sure that you are using the right keywords in every single post, and when we say quality content we mean just that.


Voice search

The voice search is something that is still being worked on because you need to have your content made in the right way. Technology is become more advanced, and people are using this way of search more often. Making your content in that way that Google will recognize it as valid is what can get you very high in ranking. There is a really great tool out there called Answer the Public, and one of the things you can do is to put in a keyword, find all the related terms, also do that inside the SEM rush and in addition to that, do that inside of Google and look at the Google related searches. Find all the different questions that somebody is looking to answer around that term.

That is how you can adapt your content to what users are looking for. You can make something that is like question and answer format. The voice search is going to expand for sure in next years, so if you want to be ahead of your competition, have that in mind.

SEO is the key factor for online business and marketing. It is becoming more and more important and because of that Google is making it more difficult to rank and, of course, they want quality to be ranked better. Through years much will change, but these factors will be the foundation for upcoming thing.

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