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Removing DD-WRT From Your Netgear Router: A Guide If you need to upgrade your wireless with multiple features, you’ll most likely try the DD-WRT firmware, which many people love to install in their Netgear routers. Thanks to this firmware, you can boost the range of your router and introduce tons of other features, for example static routing as well as repeating functions. Yet, how should you go about it if the DD-WRT router firmware turns out to be not exactly what you want and you need it gotten rid of? Fortunately, a good Netgear router blog has tons of tutorials on how to resolve a spectrum of Netgear router problems with appreciable ease. If your router has DD-WRT and you wish to switch back to the stock Netgear firmware that’s the router’s default, this guide will help. There’s a user-interface on DD-WRT that includes a firmware upgrade section–use it to upload and get rid of the firmware file from Netgear. Each Netgear router firmware is preserved online in a database to allow every user access to a downloadable version appropriate for their router. Download the Firmware from Netgear
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Find the model number of your router (it’s written on a sticker at the bottom or on the rear-end under the Ethernet ports). Navigate to the Netgear router support webpage and type the model number to search for and download the most recent firmware for the exact router that you’re using.
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Create a Direct Connection Between Your Computer and the Netgear Router Connect your PC to the router using an Ethernet cable. Type the IP address of the router (default is on your browser to access the device. Username is “root” and password is “admin.” Update With Netgear Firmware Go to the “Administration” tab and then to “Firmware Upgrades” and click “Choose File.” Next step, locate the folder in your PC where the downloaded Netgear firmware is. Click on the firmware file and choose “Upgrade.” A moment will be needed for the upgrade to go through and the router to restart. How to Reset the Router Locate the device’s reset button hole on the back, insert a pin on it, and press it down for 30 seconds. Unplug the router’s power cord while not releasing the reset button. Give it additional 30 seconds. Reconnect the router to power and keep holding down the reset button for an extra 30 seconds. Then, remove the pin and give the Netgear router time to reset fully. For any configurations of the upgraded firmware for your Netgear router, locate the routerlogin site and access it using “admin” as username and “password” as password. A reliable Netgear router blog has so much more tutorials, but if you need to upgrade your router firmware from DD-WRT, the above steps will help.